Defend Your Auto With Rubber Wheel Chocks – You can expect to Be Happy You probably did

Prevent your truck or fleet of vehicles within the utility or telephone market with jockey wheel chocks, and you’ll be happy you probably did. Not simply will you be complying with OSHA specs, you are going to be insuring that your truck will probably be safeguarded from accidental motion. In the event that you aren’t acquainted with them, here is a certain amount of info.


Rubber wheel chocks are common in the services field that caters to residential (and sometimes professional) houses. They’re utilized each and every time a truck has been stopped, positioned in park plus the emergency brake utilized. The chocks are placed firmly versus the center on the tire, on each side in several cases. The traction style of Roadblocks wheel chocks grips the highway and would not induce harm to your highway or maybe the tire it really is placed versus. A rubber wheel chock is powerful and risk-free and is also immune to salts, oils and fuels from your truck plus the location in which it is put. A useful carrying loop is actually a excellent issue for chocks – possibly that or maybe a designed in tackle for easier transportation. Some other features that are obtainable for rubber wheel chocks are definitely the dimensions and form, the heaviness as well as gripping ground potential.

Dimension + Shape + Body weight

Rubber wheel can be found in various measurements and have diverse weights. Of course, the much larger items will likely be heavier, nevertheless you will have a alternative of whether the chock is solid or void, or hollow. The hollow model continues to be stable, still have to be examined and considered with the weight from the truck. This void model nonetheless weighs a superb 7 lbs . for just a 10″ x 8″ x 5 ½” using the sound model from the very same chock at ten lbs, when the 11x10x7.25 also which has a voided base, weighs in at fifteen pounds. The shape of your chock may generate a difference for you in addition, as some chocks are symmetrical and can be put with either facet against the tire. Many of the greater chocks designed for larger sized, more industrial automobiles are a person sided, with a flat, ninety degree angle which has a sloped aspect to the tire.